Spring Environmental provides quality engineering services in the environmental, health, and safety field.

Record Keeping

Spring Environmental assists facilities in obtaining and maintaining air permits. Services include evaluating and calculating facility emissions, and selecting appropriate process and control equipment.

Project Examples:

  • Trail Wagons
  • Quality Coatings


Spring Environmental assists facilities with water quality compliance. Services include evaluation of water quality management at industrial and commercial facilities, selecting appropriate process and control equipment, and review of spill control systems and procedures.

Project Examples:

  • Central Pre-Mix is a large company with multiple locations providing asphalt, concrete, and aggregate products. Spring Environmental evaluated 11 asphalt plants, concrete batch plants, and rock crushing plants for the potential to negatively impact navigable waterways. Spring Environmental prepared and certified Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans to address the requirements of 40 CFR 112, “Oil Pollution Prevention”.
  • Washington Tire Company
  • Degerstrom Corporation