Employment Opportunities

Spring Environmental, Inc. sincerely appreciates the time and efforts of all who submit letters of interest and resumes for positions.  Please check this site periodically for future employment opportunities at Spring Environmental.

Spring Environmental is an environmental consulting company specializing in air pollution issues and dedicated to providing quality technical services to all out clients.  We enjoy a reasonably flat corporate structure and rely on conscientious professionals to effectively provide services to our clients.

Corporate Structure
  • S-Corporation
  • Established: January 1997
  • Principal Engineer: Beth Fifield Hodgson, P.E.
  • Small Consulting Firm: 7 to 12 employees
  • Principal Location: Spokane, Washington
  • Temporary Locations: 300-mile radius of Spokane
Work Environment
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Walking distance to downtown Spokane
  • Easy access to highways and thoroughfares
  • Four bus routes within 2 block radius
  • Resident dog
  • Free on-site parking

Job Openings
Submit resume with letter of interest to:
Spring Environmental, Inc.
Attn: Julie Gehlen, Executive Administrator
1011 N. Cedar Street
Spokane, WA 99201-1914
OR jobs@springenvironmental.com
Types of Projects (5-year picture) - as number of projects 
NSR/AOP Permits (incl. applications, modeling, BACT analysis, emissions inventory)43
Stack Testing (e.g. visible emissions monitoring, ethylene oxide testing)22
Ambient Air Monitoring (e.g. noise, combustion gases)5
Personnel Monitoring (e.g. noise, lead, particulate, phenol)4
Professional Services (e.g. Facilitator, Engineering, Expert Witness)9
Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures Plans7
Stormwater Pollution Prevention Planning3
Wastewater Permit (incl. application, negotiation, reporting)5
Training (e.g. First Responder, Waste Management, HAZWOPER, DOT)151 classes
General EHS Support (incl. air, stormwater, water, hazardous waste, safety)54
General Air Quality Support (e.g. odor, NSR compliance, recordkeeping, auditing)21