Spokane Stage 1 Burn Ban Lifted Effective Immediately

Effective Immediately: The ban on outdoor burning and the use of uncertified wood stoves, inserts and fireplaces has been lifted.

Spokane Clean Air issued the restrictions last Friday, coinciding with an air stagnation issued by the National Weather Service. Althought the air stagnation remains in place, air quality has remained in the good to moderate range, therefore Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency is lifting the burn ban.

Spokane Clean Air thanks everyone for their cooperation during burn restrictions. Be sure to follow the clean burning techniques, including using only dry seasoned wood and providing plenty of air to your fire. Your efforts help our air quality

Spokane State 1 Burn Ban Effective TODAY at 4 p.m.

A ban on outdoor burning in Spokane County and the use of uncertified wood stoves, inserts and fireplaces in the Spokane County Smoke Control Zone begins at 4 p.m. today (Dec. 8). The ban will last at least through the weekend and until further notice.


Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency is calling the Stage 1, condition “Yellow” burn ban because weather conditions are 

contributing to a build-up of wood smoke. 

Under a Stage 1 “yellow” burn restriction:

  • The use of uncertified wood stoves, fireplaces, inserts and other uncertified wood-burning devices is prohibited unless they are a home’s only adequate source of heat.
  • Certified wood stoves, pellet stoves and other certified wood-burning devices are allowed.
  • All outdoor burning is banned in Spokane County.

This temporary ban is due to increasing levels of smoke and stagnant weather conditions.


*If you don’t have an adequate source of heat, contact Spokane Clean Air for an exemption.  Click here for details.